Drug testing Welfare recipiants

Topics: Great Depression, Welfare, 1930s Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: March 27, 2014
Mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients is right and reasonable in order to stop the habitual offenders of misusing this benefit. Are the hard working drug tested tax payers ready to support this law since it’s the hard earned tax dollars that fund these benefits? The argument stands to reason that we need to take control as employers to stop the misuse of benefits that pay for illegal drugs. Mandatory Drug Testing for Welfare. Recipients Government assistance, or welfare, is a very broad term. There are many different welfare programs available in the United States e.g., food stamps, cash assistance, and government housing. Currently there is mass debate, in courtrooms across the U.S., regarding the legality and morality of pre-assistance drug testing. This report is intended to familiarize the reader with the history of welfare reform; the histories of drug testing in regards to assistance eligibility; and persuade the audience to vote yes for mandatory pre-assistance drug testing.Welfare began during the great depression in the 1930’s then, just like now, there were many families that needed help from the government, and that is why they introduced welfare. In our world today there is social welfare, corporate welfare, child welfare, and many others that one can apply for. Other welfare programs, such as TANF and WIC, have truly made a difference in the lives of American families. Families are kept together, children are healthier and often times, recipients are able to use the welfare to help them as they find a new job. In some cases, welfare might even save lives. But, of course, the system has its flaws, and many argue that tax payer dollars are being wasted. Some citizens believe that recipients of welfare should undergo mandatory drug testing.
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