Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

Topics: Drug addiction, Drug, Heroin Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: April 12, 2015
Receiving public assistance from the government benefits many Americans who cannot financially survive without this help. Legislators are now urging that all public assistance recipients be drug tested in order to continue receiving benefits. Many are concerned that those who need this financial help the most, children, will suffer because their parents will withdraw from the welfare program and will no longer have the means to support them. Those that are wanting to create a law to drug test those receiving public assistance finds it fair and necessary. So why are legislators wanting to implement drug testing for welfare recipients? Many believe that those receiving welfare assistance should engage in reasonable and constructive behavior in order to continue benefiting from public assistance. One study suggest that 1/3 of welfare recipients engage in illegal drug use. Those in favor of drug testing feel that taxpayers have the right to see that their help goes to those who truly need it and that it is being used to benefit the recipient and not being wasted on a drug addiction. When welfare was first introduced it was intended as a temporary program to meet the current needs of those suffering financially. However, it appears that many have become lifelong dependents of public assistance. Scientific evaluation of Florida's drug-testing requirement showed that welfare recipients who used illegal drugs had earnings that were 30 percent lower than those who did not. By reducing illegal drug use, many believe that former addicts would increase their earnings allowing them to become less and less dependent on the welfare program. When the state of Florida imposed the law to drug test welfare recipients, new welfare enrollment declined by as much as 48%. Everyone has the chance to make their own decisions in life. For many it would seem that they would much rather continue with their illegal drug use then to receive financial assistance. However, who truly...
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