Drug Trafficing

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Drug Trafficking in the U.S
Instructor Amy Morris

Drug Trafficking in the U.S

Drug trafficking is an increasingly growing problem in the country today; more people are buying, selling and using drugs than ever before. There are those people who think it is a fast and easy way to get money, not knowing all the risks or knowing and not caring. This paper will cover drug trafficking in the U.S and what steps are being taking towards our war on drugs. This paper will also have a brief outline of the levels of trafficking. Some might say it is a losing battle or that not enough is being done, some even feel like the focus should be changed but hopefully after reading my paper you will be able to know where you stand. Will law enforcement ever get one step ahead of this growing enterprise?

What is drug trafficking? When you hear drug trafficking most people think it’s bringing it into our country or moving it from state to state. But the most common term this is used for is in reference to drug dealing or "selling drugs" on the street. Drug trafficking can also involve several levels of people: the "Top Dog", would be the person that heads up the organization, controls and assigns “Under Links” to deal and decide who sells what and where they sell it. The “Drug Game” provides an incredible cash flow for this person and also the “crew” they usually see a nice profit from selling drugs but they are the ones who take the everyday risks. You will not see the “Top Dog” on the corner selling the drugs. If the "Top Dog" does do any selling it usually is to the big time buyers who want a large amount which is where the larger trafficking usually comes in. Drug trafficking is a very serious thing to get involved with; it is a very risky and dangerous way of life, that can either lead to death or the rest of your life in prison. But yet it recruits more and more people every day and they come from all walks of life.

This is where the training of our law enforcement and border patrol agents comes into play. They must know what to look for and things to watch for. “In 2008 alone, border patrol agents apprehended 876,704 people attempting to enter the United State with 1,859,277 pounds of marijuana and 14,242 pounds of cocaine.”(A Border Fence B.06). In 2011 on an average day 13,717 pounds of drugs were seized in our country. In the last four years you can see how the numbers have dropped is this because we our winning our war on drugs or is it because they are finding new ways to not get caught?

Right now the three main drugs being smuggled into the States are of course marijuana and the others are cocaine and heroin. For many years cocaine has been a horrible drug brought over from Mexico and other countries but now we are facing a heroin epidemic. This is why our Border Patrol agents are so important, to prevent illicit smuggling of humans, drugs, and other contraband, the U.S. Border Patrol maintains a high level of vigilance at our nation’s borders. Most of the current busts have come out of Texas and Arizona check points not to take away from all the other check points and ports that make bust and or arrests on a daily basis to keep these horrible drugs off our streets.

The ways in which law enforcement tackles these issues have changed over the years as smugglers have become cleverer with the way they smuggle their products. I can remember as a kid at the Canadian border they used their gut instincts and K-9 dogs. Now they need so much more than that. They have always used mirrors that show them under the vehicles. They now have a density scanner that shows them if there are things hidden in places on the vehicles such as the tire’s, bumpers, doors even gas tanks and engines. They also have new ultra sound equipment to detect drugs stashed in mufflers or other solid car parts. They also now have a drone plane that they use to fly the borders looking for “off road” smugglers. In Michigan the...

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