Drug trafficking

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug, Smuggling Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: January 19, 2014
Drug trafficking is getting more serious everyday that if we do not make an attempt to stop or slow it down, deadly consequences will occur. There have been so many articles about this issue and the rate of deaths of people using drugs is increasing rapidly. Everything has a start and so do drugs. The drugs come from traffickers who don’t care about the result of people using it; therefore, they only care about how much money they gain. That is why I chose this topic; I chose it because I want to help everybody to stay away from drugs. In my opinion, drug trafficking has more impact to us than any of the other crimes such as human trafficking or drug smuggling because once the drugs have been sold and used by the users, there is almost no way out. Drugs destroy you from your health to your job, business, and worse, your relationships. According to Fitzgerald, by 1925 there were at least 30,000 to 100,000 of illegal premises in New York alone (Fitzgerald). This proves that the spreading speed of drug trafficking is increasing fast, making more people suffer from the effect it brings. The reason I am writing this essay is that my cousin has used drugs once and it kept him isolated from everybody he knows, he stole all of his parents’ money and spent it on drugs. His parents are now so desperate, they gave up on him. Nobody knows where he is now. This creates such an impact on me as on my family. Drugs do not only make you sick, it is also a prison that locks you, makes you feel alone and isolates you. Nobody deserves to be like this, drug trafficking must be stopped now. As a high school student, I cannot do many things, but sometimes the smallest things you do can have an influence on the entire world. Research about this topic has helped me a lot, it teaches me that spreading is incredibly dangerous in both positive and negative ways so I will use that way to fight against drug trafficking. I will tell my friends about the cautions, the negative things about...

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