Drug Trafficking in Afghanistan Mun

Topics: Opium, Illegal drug trade, Heroin Pages: 15 (5150 words) Published: August 28, 2011
Cathedral Model United Nations 2011
Study Guide

Study Guide
Dear Delegates, It is my pleasure to welcome you to Cathedral Model United Nations 2011! The simulated UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs has an extremely ambitious topic area to cover. Each delegate shall, explore the tumultuous world of Afghanistan's illicit drug trade; treading through the mountainous borders of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, while uncovering a trail of drugs, an addicted populace, and widespread crime. Afghanistan produced a record opium poppy crop in 2007, supplying 93% of the world's opium. Opium trade has become an increasingly substantial source of revenue for various criminal groups and finances criminal and terrorist activities. Having introduced the topic to you, a little about your chair: I am a 12th standard Science and Art student at the Cathedral and John Connon School. I have attended several MUNs including the Harvard Model United Nations 2011. I was also an assistant director at CMUN 2010. Your moderator Noshir Engineer is a talented debater and has attended the MIT Model United Nations 2011. Together we shall spare no effort to make your experience enjoyable and enriching. In a country where approximately 85% of the population depends on agriculture and agribusiness as a source of livelihood, poppy cultivation and opium trade continue to play a significant role in the agricultural economy. This committee has to deal delicately with the afghan economy, terrorism, and international politics, it promises to be a compelling experience for all delegates. Although your study guide is extremely informative, I sincerely urge you to research further and widen your perspective on the issue, and your country's stand as this problem requires creative yet feasible solutions, along with a high level of diplomacy. Knowledge on the topic is of course, vital, without which your committee sessions will be frustrating and fruitless. On behalf of the entire dais staff, I wish you best of luck with your preparation. I look forward to meeting you in August. Till then, dwell upon these words by William Shakespeare, “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em." Yours creatively, Anushka Pai, Director - United Nations Commission on Narcotics and Drugs Cathedral Model United Nations 2011 The Cathedral and John Connon School 6 Purshottamdas Thakurdas Marg Mumbai 400001 Contact Number: +91-2222094940 Email address: uncnd.cmun2011@gmail.com Website: cathedralmun.com


Study Guide
HISTORY OF THE PROBLEM Soviet Invasion (1979-1989)
Opium production and consumption has been an issue in Afghanistan since the time of the Shahs, when the Shah banned the production of opium in Persia and Iran, a lucrative trade was set up, to feed the addicted Iranian population. And so the golden crescent came into being, but the crescent as we see it today evolved primarily as a result of the Soviet and US involvement in Afghanistan. When in the 1970s the Soviet Union decided to enter the perilous world of Afghan politics, many Afghan people joined the rebel forces, the Mujahideen, these forces, in order to fund their military activities relied heavily on American aid reaching them through Pakistan. In addition to this, they revived and increased opium cultivation in the southern provinces of Helmand and Kandahar. This opium was then shipped off to Europe through various channels including the ancient Silk Route and the Balkans route through Eastern Europe. Since these southern areas were under the control of US funded groups they received a lot of criticism for their role in Afghanistan. The Soviets were not uninvolved in the flourishing drug trade either. A Soviet ship, the Kapitan Tomson was captured by the Dutch police in 1986, with 220...
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