Drug Trafficking Within Us Prisons

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Gang, Drug Pages: 5 (731 words) Published: May 14, 2012
Drug Trafficking within US Prisons

LaNesa N. Hicks

ENG122: English Composition II

Instructor: Shelley Lawyer

February 14, 2012

In a place that is guarded heavily by officers and cameras galore, drugs are in

such great demand. Drug trafficking is rapidly growing within the jail systems in the US;

drug trafficking has become prevalent in every US Prison. While there a number of

theories, many of these are conflicting. What is agreed upon is the fact that corrections in

the United States have significant problems that affect the ability of the system to sort

through problem within the prisons. The purpose of this study is to examine one

particular aspect of failing prison systems: the rampant and obvious drug culture that

exists in U.S. prisons. “It has been estimated that 1.1 million inmates in the United States

have died from drug overdoses (National Drug Threat Assessment 2011)."

In Prisons you have young men and women who are members of various street

gangs, these gang members are local and some national drug dealers, when these gang

member get caught for selling and disturbing drugs the are then arrested and brought to

prison. Well this is where you would think that the bad guys are off the streets and all is

well, but it’s not. When these gang members arrive to prison they bring their street

credibility and knowledge with them. They them form prison gangs and continue to

conduct their business. They look for weak minded individuals and this includes:

Officers, other inmates, and other personal, to help with their drug trafficking. These

individual also see a need, there are inmates who are substance abuser looking for their

next fix and will do anything to get it.

Drugs are brought in and sent out of the facilities through many different

ways.[December 2010] Underwear packed with ecstasy, powder-laced envelope flaps –

even toddlers - are among the many devious devices used to smuggle drugs through

prison gates. Lawyers/legal representatives are among the ways drugs and other

contraband is getting into the prisons according to [The Magistrate, February 2010]

Legal mail is not subject to search therefore it is that much easier to get contraband into

the facility. You have some inmates who are doing this for fear of their lives and for

many other reasons.

Drug trafficking will be a battle that the US will fight for many years to come. In

a perfect world, eliminating the demand for illegal substances would unilaterally resolve

the drug problem eventually, although in the short run we would still have the challenge

of releasing the addicted from the grips of their habits. Absent demand, the need for the

drug trade, profit would disappear. So, too, would the social and health costs of drug

abuse. In reality, there will always be a demand for drugs. Some portion of every

population will continue to use illegal drugs to escape reality, experience pleasure, follow

peer pressure, chase a misguided sense of adventure, or rebel against authority, among

other self-destructive reasons. Their will always be a supplier meeting the need by any

means necessary. There many prisoners that don’t mind risking their lives for a little

more freedom in prison. The threat posed by gangs will increase as gangs become better

organized and more sophisticated and expand their markets.

In conclusion the purpose of this study is to examine one particular aspect of

failing prison systems: the rampant and obvious drug culture that exists in U.S. prisons.

This failure still exists in US prisons today. Many researchers have come up with

different reason for drug trafficking with prison. They also have come up with ideas on

how the drugs are actually getting into the facilities. Although all of these suggestions

and ideas may be...
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