Drug Violence

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Drug Violence

According to the article, “The Drugs/Violence Nexus: A Tripartite Conceptual Framework”, author Paul Goldstein argues that there are three ways in which drugs and violence are related. Goldstein’s models for the relationship between drugs and violence are the psychopharmacological model, economic compulsive model, and the systemic violence model. The psychopharmacological model, “suggests that some individuals, as a result of short or long term ingestion of specific substances, may become excitable, irrational, and may exhibit violent behavior” (pg. 278). In this model, violence occurs due to a withdrawal or the lack of availability of the preferred drug. The economic compulsive model argues that crime occurs due to the necessity to continue a prolonged addiction of a particular dug. Paul Goldstein states that, “Economically compulsive actors are not primarily motivated by impulses to act out violently … rather, their primary motivation is to obtain money to purchase drugs” (pg. 279). The final model regarding systemic violence “refers to the traditionally aggressive patterns of interaction within the system of drug distribution and use” (pg. 280). In this model, individuals within the system or hierarchy are prone to violence in the form of disputes, robberies, and punishments due to the illegality of the drug.

In my own opinion, I see drug violence occurring due to the simple processes of an industry or market. Due to the fact that drugs are illegal and in such high demand, the market itself works to create tension and violence. I agree with Goldstein and his economic compulsive model, but argue that the prices and availability are so high due to such a large demand of illegal substances. Without the demand, prices would drop, availability would rise, and the amount of violence would be reduced as well.

There are many costs related to the close relationship between drugs and violence. For one, the drug consumption and distribution...
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