Drug Wars in Mexico

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug cartel, Smuggling Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: September 17, 2010
Drug Wars in Mexico
The Juarez Drug Cartel is earning about $250 million a week by 1995. The Mexico Drug Cartels are not only effecting Mexico, but also the U.S. If the United States decides to help Mexico by expanding development assistance, they could also increase law enforcement, have stricter laws, and even legalize drugs. The best solution is to increase law enforcement, have stricter laws, and legalize drugs.

Is organized crime a problem in Mexico? “Brazen assassinations, kidnappings, and intimidation by drug lords conjure up images of Columbia in early 1990’s” (The Real War 63). ‘Ethnographic anthroplogical studies of trafficking of organizations… are limited” (Female Drug Smugglers 239). Organized Crime in Mexico is a big problem, because drug cartels are killing and getting drugs smuggled into the U.S. Because organized crime is such a problem in Mexico they need to do something about it.

The United States should also help create opportunities within Mexico. This means expanding development assistance, rather than just security assistance. At least $5 million for 2009, current U.S development aid to Mexico is paltry. The spending has also been far too slow, although $700 million had been released by congress as of April 2009, only $7 million had been spent (The Real War 63). Even though only $7 million had been spent they could spend more money to help stop drug smuggling into the U.S. If this solution doesn’t work or they don’t spend more money they would need an alternate solution. Mexico could also increase law enforcement, have stricter laws, and even legalize drugs. These include not just pistols, but also cartel favorites, such as AR-15S and AK-47 style semi-automatic rifles (The Real War 63). If they increase law enforcement they could bust more drug cartels but by legalizing drugs, more and more drugs would be sold and smuggled into the U.S. This is the best solution because with stricter laws, drug cartels, might be more careful on...
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