Drug Withdrawal

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Drug Withdrawal

Drug Withdrawal

The documentation is on drug withdrawal and the effects on people going through the situation. When in middle school and high school people become addicted to marijuana which leads to pills and more. The further into drugs people start getting a taste of the game they play to get them. So, while people are using and partying all the time, they start selling and in time can start to get sick because of having so much going on in their system it can start rejecting some of the drugs. They can become sick when they try to use the drugs they have become so use to doing and selling. The purpose of the story on this paper is to talk about what drugs can do to someone and their life. Drugs can have many effects upon a person by going through withdrawals, having health defects and also making it hard for the person to have a life outside of drugs. The withdrawal process starts once someone has decided to become sober and no longer want to use drugs. The must make sure that when going through this part in their life they leave any source or access to the drugs out of their life. Letting the body then work all the illegal drugs from the body and with not taking any more they start to feel the effects of withdrawal. The beginning of the withdrawal comes with effects to the body and mind. The lack of access to the drugs keeps a person off of them easier and longer making sure that the user follows through with the choice of living drug free. The lack of drugs within the body sets forth effects that can harm the body and trigger effects that may make the user want to stop the detoxification. When the user wants to do this it is up to the family and friends around them to keep informing the goal they a working toward. If the user is truly fighting the support that people are giving then a supporter my need to stay with a user to make sure they don’t go back to the old habits. The effects to the body from the withdrawal do sound...
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