Topics: Psychedelics, dissociatives and deliriants, Recreational drug use, Drug Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Synthetic Drugs
Designer drugs such as synthetic marijuana and bath salts are becoming popular in the United States by abusers. These particular drugs are chemically produced by man giving similar effects of illegal drugs. The use of these drugs is being looked upon as harmless recreation. Not long ago synthetic marijuana could be purchased at most United States convenience stores. They could be bought via internet or even nearby head shops. Synthetic marijuana has been used in “hookah bars” for the effects of marijuana. Users believe most designer drugs are legal and getting arrested for possessing legal drugs are unlikely. Although most ingredients are banned in the U.S., usage is still increasing which is giving negative side effects that people are unaware of.

Many people think of Epsom salts as being used to relax in a warm bath when the term “bath salts” is used. When compared these two have nothing in common. Epsom salts are used for relaxation while the synthetic drug bath salts are used for cocaine like effects. “Bath salts are often used in combination with other recreational substances.” (Fire) With the use of these recreational drugs, the affects can be intensified greatly. People don’t realize but this can cause even more harm. People don’t know what is exactly in this man made drugs, adding another toxin can be deadly. Packaged in clear plastic bags or foil and labeled “not for human consumption”, bath salts were being sold in local stores. Typically it is snorted but can be injected, smoked or even eaten. The most extreme abusers go as far as using them as eye drops. People have experienced feelings of arousal, sociability, increased mental focus, and stimulation in physical energy. Many have hallucinated and done irrational things as well. In most recent news, a man who was high off bath salts attacked a homeless man and began eating his face while naked In the middle of the road. Most people don’t know but when using bath salts...

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