Drugs: Americas Holy War

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Heroin, Drug Pages: 3 (1274 words) Published: May 12, 2014
In the article “Drugs: America’s Holy War,” Arthur Benavie speaks of the social problems that can arise with the use and supply of illicit and illegal drugs. He begins asking the reader, who’s the enemy in this war on drugs? I asked myself in the beginning if is it even realistic to assume there is an actual war on drugs. Benavie explains that society is constantly reminded of the harmful effects of certain drugs such as marijuana, heroin, LSD, ecstasy, cocaine, morphine, methamphetamine, amphetamines, codeine, valium, and narcotics. However, society forgets that there are people out there that take certain drugs for a reason. The drug scene causes many complaints within society as it’s seen as a cause of violence, diseases, corruption, social disorder, and an increase in crime rates. The drug war is probable as drugs are seen as also being sinful, disruptive, a threat to authority of parents and social order, as well as a danger to our economic system. In many instances, those that use drugs illegally are being punished worse than some rapists and murderers. Some of these criminals are also being treated as if they were a murderer. This article raises a lot of questions that some may or may not agree with. Personally, this article has left me confused and very frustrated with our legal systems. Benavie understands why these drugs are prohibited but also asks the reader to question whether heroin, cocaine, and amphetamines are more life threatening than tobacco and alcohol, which are legal. The answer he shares with the reader is “no,” as tobacco and alcohol are far more dangerous than any drug, as they are extremely addictive. We learn as the reader that these drugs, although some are legal, truly affect users and sellers mentally. All illicit drugs are psychoactive, mood altering, and they are pleasurable for the user which is what triggers the abuse. If anyone is addicted to any such drug it is because of the emotional and physical factors it...
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