drugs and its effects

Topics: Drug addiction, Psychoactive drug, Addiction Pages: 1 (497 words) Published: August 5, 2014

Drugs are a problem of the twentieth century, although they have been used by our ancestors hundreds of years ago. They have come to European countries mostly from Indian and Asian tribes, and because they were pronounced illegal, a whole new way of making money has been created: selling drugs. Personally I am against taking drugs. I have seen their consequences and that is the main reason for my opinion of them. I do not mind the legal drugs - such as nicotine or caffeine, although they destroy your health. But that kind of destruction is nothing in comparison with the destructive effect drugs like alcohol, marihuana, hashish and the synthetic drugs have. That kind of drugs do not only bring you to physical addiction, you even become a mental slave to them. Even in Webster’s dictionary they are listed as “a habit-forming medicinal or illicit substance”. Beside destroying your kidneys, your lungs, etc. they attack your brain and destroy them in a flash. Usually people are not familiar with the facts about the destructive effects of drugs. They know something about it, but instead of taking them seriously, they are convinced that that will not happen to them. I do not know where such people get their self-esteem from - they are absolutely convinced that it cannot hurt them because they are not going to “let” the drugs to take over their brain. That is exactly what drugs do - they take a hold of the user’s brain and the “smart-guy” who took them becomes a victim. I think such people should use their self-esteem when it comes to saying no to drugs. It would be less destructive for them. I think that taking drugs is just a slower way of killing yourself. It may be slower but it sure does not look nicer than someone hanging himself or something. I think that someone who has been on hard drugs for quite a while looks more pathetic and ugly than a person who killed himself with a knife and is all covered with blood. In a way the sellers of drugs...
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