Drugs are for Thugs

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Drugs Are For Thugs
Imagine the deep herbal smell of smoke intoxicating the nose and thick cloudy smoke watering the sensitive eyes. The world around you is spinning while dizziness takes the whole body over. Not only are you extremely hungry, but your mouth is parched and there is no sign of water or food. Though it may seem like you have landed yourself in a desolate desert, you are actually high off of the drug marijuana. Weed has been extremely popular in America since the 60s and is currently the most used illicit drug in the world. Though many argue that the drug is handy for a good time, it holds many more cons than it does pros. Marijuana should not be used because it fabricates happiness, causes laziness, is dangerous and is a waste of hard earned money.

First and Foremost, cannabis should not be used because it brings on a false sense of happiness. One of the most prominent excuses for weed is that it helps one relax or get away from it all. While smoking or being high, the user usually feels much giddier and more playful. Though nothing is wrong with having a fun time, one should not depend on anything to make him or her happy. If one is in a bad mood or needs a boast then he or she should indulge in more practical methods of relaxing. Spending time with friends, watching funny television or gaining a hobby are way more productive ways to have a good time! If one needs weed to simply put a smile on his or her face then what will happen when weed is impossible to retrieve? Without weed being there then the user will probably become depressed. Life will be completely unfulfilling because nothing will come close to the feeling of being high. Life is truly fun when one is making many different memories, so weed may probably get old at one point or another. The happiness given to one by weed is not real joy because when the weed is done the joy goes away. People should not smoke weed simply because they can be achieving real happiness by doing actual productive activities.

Furthermore, marijuana should not be used because it makes one a lazier person. Not only does weed prove to make one lazier in the present, it also has long term effects of procrastination. Studies have proven that weed causes most users to generally have lower levels of energy and high rates of procrastination. Weed users also eat much more while under the influence of weed than when sober. This higher intake of food can cause diet problems for users and is just entirely unhealthy. Personally, I have a friend named Kiana than has gained a lot of weight due to weed. Before smoking Kiana used to be an extremely active person and had a somewhat healthy lifestyle. Though Kiana was not perfect, she still was able to make smart decision about her health, but after becoming a smoker she does not care about her health. While smoking, Kiana will eat whatever she chooses and forget the later repercussions. Every time Kiana swears to stop smoking weed and to start exercising, she lasts about a week and then is back to her bad habits. While running Kiana is unable to perform as well as she always has, so there is no real persistence to exercise anymore. Weed has affected Kiana’s life in a major way and she will probably never be the same person she was before she picked it up. Now Kiana barley chooses to move and just stays in her room all day.

In addition, marijuana is an extremely dangerous drug to partake in because of its serious side effects. Weed has been linked to many damages in body parts like the lungs, heart, brain, and immune system. Many people believe that when ingesting weed they are not in risk of any physical ailments, but weed is usually laced with many other drugs to produce a longer and stronger high. Other drugs that can be found in weed are crack, PCP, heroin or meth. An average weed-smoker may think he or she is living a completely healthy life style because of marijuana's "minimal effects" while in reality...
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