Drugs in City Neighborhoods

Topics: Sociology, Drug addiction, Illegal drug trade Pages: 7 (2037 words) Published: May 23, 2008
Drugs in City Neighborhoods

Drugs in city neighborhoods are an influence on the youth. The youth are drawn into becoming drug sellers. The drug activity has found a place in many distressed areas and as a result, has become a common source of income. Studies of understanding the social control in urban neighborhoods have been existent for over a century yet understanding the nature of the social relations that exert the current social behavior is still limited. Studies also show that urban residents within various states have been struggling with the issues of drug selling in their neighborhoods; especially in the poorer, disadvantaged urban neighborhoods. The Sacramento Neighborhood Alcohol Prevention Project (SNAPP) study was conducted to show this. The study displayed those who were more likely to become a target of social control. Many adolescents fall victim to their surroundings and adapt. On the other hand while many view inner cities in crime and drug infested areas, there are cities that exist and have reestablished themselves as safe neighborhoods by creating neighborhood patrols.

Drug selling exists in areas that are predominantly minority and low-income neighborhoods that have high crime rates and drinking-related issues. As a result, adolescents who live in these neighborhoods are found to be influenced into substance use patterns in various ways. Neighborhoods with conditions such as single-parent homes and homes with high poverty conditions make it a risky place for adolescents to grow. High crime neighborhoods that have adolescent alcohol and drug use make conditions very stressful for the youth. As a result, the youth are influenced. They fall victim and adapt to their surroundings becoming a product of their environment by either selling or using drugs. In the city of Phoenix, the crime rate varies per neighborhood. There are neighborhoods that have high gang-related crimes and other neighborhoods where drugs are easier to get in because of informal social control. With this, children are more than likely to witness those who are drunk or high. In addition, because drugs are easier to get into the neighborhoods, adolescents are more than likely to be exposed to the offering of hard drugs and will likely smoke marijuana at school. With no positive influences outside of the home due to neighborhood conditions, the only exposure is how the majority of the youth is making a living by selling drugs or drinking alcohol. Because these neighborhoods are unstable, people are moving in and out quite often and no one truly gets the chance to know one another, which is another contributing factor to adolescents falling victim to his or her surroundings.

CONNECTIONS BETWEEN SOCIAL TIES AND WILLINGNESS TO INTERVENE The connections between social ties and willingness to intervene varied by the types of intervening behaviors. This included using informal or formal interventions, the nature and risk of the situation and the strength of the connection of social ties. With drug selling, there is the direct intervention by notifying parents and physically punishing the parties involved, but only for those with intimate ties to the situation. (Family or close friend relation) In this case, intimate ties resulted in ignoring the activity as well as, weaker ties or no ties also, resulted in adults ignoring the situation by minding their own business. Those that did not intervene directly, went about by calling the police against outsiders. Even though adults are fearful with intervening in drug dealing, there are many who are friends with the perpetrators and their families. For those neighborhoods that do not have those ties, there is the desire to clean up so the authorities are called on. The intimate ties were related to young children who were actively intervening to stop the fight between the weak ties that ignored the...
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