Drugs, Violence, and Crime

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Connection between Drugs, Violence and Crime
7 April 2013

Connection between Drugs, Violence and Crime
Apparently drugs are directly related to violence. Drug abuse can lead to violence. However, except the case of alcohol abuse, there is not much data to support this statement. Comparison of information provided by two different articles can help to reach some conclusion in this topic. Drugs and alcohol have the disinhibiting nature, that`s why drug-influenced individuals can easily commit violence. But evidence also shows that people, who commit crimes, use not only drugs but also alcohol. People who are affected by alcohol can behave in many different ways. Usually they become aggressive, angry or depressed. Chronic drinking increases a risk of anti-social behavior and loss of control. As for psychoactive drugs, marijuana, cocaine and opiates, according to the article “Drugs, Alcohol and Violence”, crimes and these types of drugs are not related. On the contrary, people become more relaxed, euphoric and have empathy when they use them. They do not have anger, rage or aggression that can lead to violence. It is considered that these people do not have a tendency to violence. Certainly, increasing drugs use can lead to violent behavior, especially if those drugs are crack, methamphetamine and cocaine which are strong stimulants producing paranoia, alertness and many other reactions. Thus, these drugs can force people to become excited, irrational, agitated and uncontrolled. Crack and methamphetamine increase people’s sexual activity. Hence, individuals have extremely compulsive and aggressive sexual desire. Such feelings can be causes of sexual assaults and rapes. According to the research provided by the abovementioned article, around 50% of sexual assaults, including rape, are caused by alcohol consumption of both a perpetrator and a victim or one of them. People under the influence of alcohol can become sexually aroused, aggressive...

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