Economic success

Topics: United States, Economy of the United States, Drug Pages: 3 (653 words) Published: December 2, 2014
Seleni Rodriguez-Cotto
Philosophy 160, Critical Thinking
Mark Balaguer

Economics Success

There are millions of different drugs being distributed World Wide today. Cocaine, marijuana, and heroine face an overall ban from being sold on the pharmaceutical level. Because of this, many people feel the need to sell drugs under the counter whether it be through different people, causing major problems such as the war on drugs. We tend to focus on the dangerous and negative side of drugs rather than the positive outcomes that may come along with the legalization of drugs. Tax revenue, safer environments, and an overall better quality of life can be sought throughout legalization of drugs. Many economical successes can be obtained by the legalizing of drugs. Legalizing drugs would allow the U.S to slowly end the economical crisis by the tax revenue received by the legalization of drugs. The tax that we would be able to be place upon these now legal drugs can be a huge economic gain for the United States. There would no longer be “dirty money” that isn’t taxed throughout the black market since these illegal transactions that are never recorded. The people whom chose to take part in drugs would be allowed to and would be able to benefit the United States economy because they will be forced to pay taxes on every transaction that will now be recorded. In places throughout North and South America, we can use these now legalized drugs as a good that will provide the surrounding countries with a new source of income, which would be extremely beneficial.  Through the legalization of drugs, we can ensure that the war on drugs can be put to a stop in order to provide a safer environment for the upcoming generations. Everyday we are faced with burdens and danger due to the cause of drugs being illegal. Many deaths throughout the transfers made to keep these drugs hidden can be avoided. The legalization would not only allow a safer environment for our children but it can...
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