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Topics: Education, School, Africa Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: April 5, 2014
Today education remains an inaccessible right for millions around the world. Education is the route out of poverty for millions as it increases the chance of a better-paid job. Better paid jobs leads into decreasing famine and disease and increasing everybody’s quality of life. By educating just one student properly, they can educate their community and make a change. This doesn’t explain why seventy two million children are still growing up uneducated, stuck in the poverty circle.

The main reason for lack of education is inequality. Here in Britain we sit around complaining about our education, not even sparing a thought for those poor children who are having to work to feed their families. This has to change. Just £25 pounds can help pay for a teachers salary, or even £2 pounds can provide school lunches for a month for one child. Next time you want the newest jeans, latest phone or newest trainers just think about that child in Africa having to fight for their education. They did nothing wrong, they could be your brother or sister, all they did was be born in the wrong country, wrong community, wrong family. Would you really do that to your brother or sister? Don’t let an innocent child suffer. You can make a change.

Good education is a basic right. One that everybody deserves. Education is a chance in life.
Education is a chance for someone to change the world.
Education is a weapon used to achieve dreams.
Everybody should be given their own chance to make a change to the world. Imagine if the cure to cancer was stuck in somebody who couldn’t afford a good education? Make the change. Start the revolution.
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