Effects of Recidivism

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Outline for Research Paper
I. Introduction
A. Background Information on Drug Enforcement Agency
II. Structure and Description of the Drug Enforcement Annecy III. Functions and Analysis of the Drug Enforcement Agency
IV. Administration of the Drug Enforcement Agency
V. Analysis and Assessment of the Relationship between the Agency and Its External Environment
VI. Analysis and Assessment of the Relationship between the Agency and Its internal Environment
VII. Conclusions
VIII. References

Background Information on Drug Enforcement Agency
One of the most striking law enforcement agencies that enforce the laws and regulations regarding drug trafficking is the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). During the year 1973, Drug Enforcement Administration was established. The administration was developed to control narcotics and dangerous drug abuse through reducing the supply of drugs produced or distributed from an illegal perspective (Federal Enforcement Operations,1979).In order to implement the mission, the administration would have cooperates with federal and domestic agencies (Federal Enforcement Operations,1979). Some of laws and regulations that are enforced by DEA includes nartcotic drugs, marihuana, depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogenic drugs (Federal Enforcement Operations,1979). One of the goals of DEA includes reaching all levels of supply sources before they reach users (Federal Enforcement Operations, 1979) .However, in order to achieve this goal, the administrators of the agency would have hire trained special agents to help combat illegal drugs from reaching users. Functions and Analyze of the Agency

Some of the fundamental responsibilities of the DEA include the following aspects listed below.
1) The organization investigates drug traffickers operations in the interstate and international levels along with criminal and drug gangs that perpetrate violence in the neighborhoods. According to this function of the DEA, this function seems to indicates that this agency examine and investigates problems associated with drugs from a foreign and domestic level from a worldwide perspective in communities.

2) The organization coordinate and cooperate with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies on mutual drug enforcement efforts, including interstate and international investigation situations. This function of DEA seems to indicate that the organization works with federal, state, local, and interstate and international law enforcement on mutual terms and agreements while conducting their investigations.

3) DEA manages a nationwide drug intelligence system with conjunctions with other federal, state, local, and foreign agencies while collecting, analyzing, and disseminating strategies and operational drug intelligence data. This description of DEA seems toindicate that the agency manages broad array of things while working with domestic and foreign matters drug intellectual data.

4) This agency seizes drug traffickers’ assets. The meaning behind this function seems to indicates that the agency can seizes drug traffickers’ assets such as properties(i.e vehicles, homes, boats, televisions, big ticket items).

5) The agency coordinate and cooperate with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and foreign governments on programs designed in order to prevent the availability of illegal drugs in the market of the United States by using non-enforcement approaches. Such approaches include crop eradications, crop substitution, and training of foreign officials while operating, under the guidelines of the Secretary of State. Drug Enforcement Administration Structure

As you can see in Figure 1, DEA structure reveals a chain of command approach from the top to bottom of the organization. One of the Chief represented of this approach is former Attorney General Jane Renos who was...

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