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Topics: Illegal drug trade, Heroin, Drug Pages: 6 (2240 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Should People Who Have Been Convicted of Selling Drugs Be Requires to be listed in a Drug Offender Database Deanna Overton
Ivy Tech Community College

Should people who have been convicted of selling drugs be required to be listed in a drug offender database? Some of my readers are unaware of the percentage that has been locked up for this offense. There are a lot of different emotions about this because I have some people here that have once been in this situation and they are saying that they don’t know if we should have the database information. I’m telling them to put their self in my shoes and look at how are young kids are growing up in this community and the wrong influence can cause your child to become one of people who sell drugs. As a community we need to make a change starting now. We need this database to educate the community who are unaware of these problems in this community that why we need to get the city involved. Do you think you have a right to know if your neighbors have been convicted and served a prison term for illicit drug activity at some time in their past? In my opinion yes, but there are people who believe they should not be listed in the database. I feel it is my right to know if my neighbor is a convicted drug dealer. It’s is my right to also know if my neighbor or community goers have served prison time for illegal drugs or have a past history of drug activities. There are several reasons for why I am for a drug offender database. My first reason, I am for the drug offender database because of my children. This is the main reason I would want to know if one of my neighbors was convicted of selling drugs, wouldn’t want them to try and influence my children we all know how easily it is to influence a child to do something. I think it’s important that if one of our neighbors is a drug dealer then everyone in the community should know who these people are. The safety of my children comes first and I also would like to know was allege drug offenders by my children school as well. It is very important for the government to provide us with a drug offender database Informational systems. It is no different than the sex offender database. Secondly, the drug offender database will also help keep down on crime in our neighborhoods. The more we know about our neighbors and community going the more helpful and safe our street can be. The database is just another way to inform us because I believe once someone does wrong they go back to their old ways. I believe that we would have more successful rate of problems would decline if we had this database. Third reason, is that it deteriorate our society by how are young men are influenced. For example, how these young men dress like the pants sagged, the Gold they put in their mouth, the big changes they wear around their necks. To obtain these things these young men turn to drugs to get the fast money.

Here are some of my statistics that could have been prevented if the database was successful used. One prevention use is the illicit drug activity it states that illicit drug activity occurs within local communities. Another fact shows that drug activity has robust effects on violent crime that is independent of other disorganization indicators (Urban Affairs Review). Due to the drug and alcohol problems rates of alcohol and drug abuse are disproportionately high among the homeless population (homelessresourcenetwork.org). The statistics say that more teenagers are the ones who are affected by the drugs. The negative effects of teen drug use are undeniable and obvious. When considering those negative effects, it is alarming to see some of the actual statistics concerning the amount of teen drug use in high schools and middle schools. In addition, many parents have felt that their teen's alcohol use is ok because it isn't a harder drug like crack, or heroine. However, it should be noted that alcohol kills five times more teenagers than...
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