English 1301 - Legalization

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Law, Drug Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Legalization, Our Only Salvation
“No hay mal que dure cien años, ni enfermo que lo aguante.” There is no sickness that lasts more than a hundred years, or an ill person that will survive it. For the past decade the U.S has faced one of the biggest issues in the country, the war against drugs. Many controversial ideas have risen to help win the war on drugs, but the most controversial one is the legalization of drugs. Not all of the drugs should be legalized, just marihuana. By legalizing this drug violence could be reduced, regulation would be set upon it, and one problem would be solved to focus on the real damaging drugs. First, one problem would be solved and time and effort could be focused on the real damaging drugs. In the U.S at least 80% of the population tries marihuana on their lives. Marihuana it is not a hard-core drug for humans. It is less harmful for people than alcohol or tobacco. Doctors in hospital usually see more people die from lunge cancer or liver problems from smoking and drinking, than people who die from marihuana overdose. The Beckley Foundation, a U.K charity, suggested in a recent report that marihuana is far less harmful to users and society in general than drugs such as heroin or cocaine, and less damaging than tobacco or alcohol (Coghlan p. 6-7). If the problem with marihuana gets solved, the time and effort that used to be occupied with it could be focused with other harmful drugs such as heroine, cocaine, and methamphetamines. These drugs are the responsible for killing many people of overdose rather than marihuana. Besides, if marihuana becomes legal it could be regulated and controlled among society. Legalizing does not mean giving up on the problem; it rather means regulation and control over the situation. Contrasting the problem, criminalization means prohibition. The U.S cannot regulate what it prohibits, and drugs are too dangerous to remain unregulated. Prohibition will not help anyone, just like the U.S prohibited...

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