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Pick Up The Phone

“If you don't like something, change it. If you can’t change it,change your attitude” ~ Maya Angelou

Children are irresponsible, messy, and careless. As children grow up, they tend to try to learn from their mistakes, and they mature. But, some people do not grow up mentally. In That was Then, This is Now, by S.E. Hinton, Bryon Douglas, who needs to go through his personal journey, has a friend, Mark, who is a tedious person who is endangering Bryon, and causes Bryon to make a life-changing decision in order to fully mature; I once had to go on a profound personal journey to adapt to middle school.

In this “then” period, Bryon was influenced by Mark. For example, on page 23, Bryon and Mark had the following conversation “‘You still in the mood for a little action?’ ‘Sure’ I said” By “action” Mark meant fighting. This shows that Mark influenced Bryon. He was probably so influenced by Mark who was his best friend from childhood. Mark grew into a manipulative and disarming teen. Bryon was doing illegal and irresponsible actions, but he felt bad about them. However Mark,had no regrets. In Bryon’s current lifestyle he is a calm person who stands up for the right and legal things. At this time, he is no longer friends with Mark because Mark was in prison due to Bryon's calling the cops on Mark for selling drugs. On page 154 Bryon narrated “I ended up with straight A’s that semester…” After his transformation, he had better logic.I developed and changed in order to survive middle school by pacing my work. I became more earnest about how much time I have to complete something and when I should start.

In conclusion, Bryon matured because he abandoned Mark and made a personal exploration of who he really is; I made a rough choice for the better to adapt to middle school. Byron made his personal journey by calling the police on Mark as an act of self preservation because Byron...
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