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Chapter I


Background and Rationale

With the increasing effect of globalization and technology, organizations have started to use information systems in various functions and departments in the last decades. Human resources management is one of the departments that mostly use management information systems. Organizations must treat information as any other resource or asset. It must be organized, managed and disseminated effectively for the information to exhibit quality. Within an organization, information flows in four basic directions as upward, downward, horizontal and outward/inward (Haag & Cummings, 2008). Taking into account that there is a huge amount of information flow in organizations, it will be possible to understand the importance of information systems in organizations. The information system field is arguably one of the fastest changing and dynamic of all the business processions because information technologies are among the most important tools for achieving business firms’ key objectives. Until the mid-1950s, firms managed all their information flow with paper records. During the past 60 years, more and more business information and the flow of information among key business actors in the environment has been computerized. Business invest in information systems as a way to cope with and manage their internal production functions and to cope with the demands of key actors in their environments. Firms invest in information systems for the business objectives such as achieving operational excellence and developing new products and services, attaining customer intimacy and service, improving decision making, achieving competitive advantage ad ensuring survival (Laudon & Laudon, 2009). The Department of Education was established through the education decree of 1863 as the superior commission of the primary instruction under a chairman. The Education agency underwent many organization, many reorganization efforts in the 20th century in order to better define its purpose vis a vis a changing administration and charters. The present day Department of Education was eventually mandated through Republic Act 9155, otherwise known as the Governance of Basic Education act as of 2011 which establishes the mandate of this agency. The Department of Education (DepEd) formulates, implements and coordinates policies, plans, programs and projects in the areas of formal and non-formal basic education. It supervises all elementary and secondary education institutions, including alternative learning system, both public and private; and provides for the establishment and maintenance of a complete, adequate and integrated system of basic education relevant to the goals of national development.

The proponent has a proposed system which is the Department of Education Human Resource Information system. The Department of Education is located at Capitol Site, Borongan City. This study is to provide the DepEd human resource employee to make their work easier and less time consuming. With the help of the proposed system, the HR employee can immediately look and record information by simply typing in the system. This system is designed to provide information about the Department of Education Human Resource.

Statement of the Problem
The Department of Education Human Resource current system faces some problem with regards to the reliability of the given information, speed and accuracy of the given information, and the security of the current process.

Some of the major problem that affects the current system:
1. The manual process of segregating the records of information of certain employee. By using manual process in the office, this may lead to missed placing some important documents or information about a certain employee. 2. Records are stored in a filing cabinet in which other employee can access the documents resulting to loss of information. 3. Time consuming in searching information...
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