Filipino Drug Mules

Topics: Philippines, Illegal drug trade, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Pages: 5 (1904 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Poverty the state of being poor according to Webster. But poverty for me may be defined as the root of all evil. If you are a parent would you spare to look at your children dying because you can’t afford to give them food and send them to hospitals whenever needed? If you would have just given a chance to go abroad for work to give your family a better future would you decline it? If you are a responsible parent your answer would be NO. Because of poverty most of the Filipino people leave their family, their mother land and their loved ones in exchange of money. Others can even afford to kill just to be paid great amounts of money. So why not smuggle drugs which costs almost a hundred million or maybe billion? Hunger for money and for power pushes this people to do illegal things. Syndicates are also one factor that pushes the OFWs to smuggle drugs, they use aromatic words and side-by-side promises and worst some syndicates threaten our people.

Poverty is a problem in the Philippines for a very long time. When Marcos comes to power in the Philippines, Philippines is the most developed country in South-east Asia, or can say in the region. When USA gave independence to Philippines, they still helped to developed it. Philippines was one of the growing tigers of Asia. But when Marcos declared martial law, everything went downhill. Investors kept away and devaluation of the Peso. Oil crisis of the 70s also affected this period of time as when US gives support to Israel, the oil producing Arab countries cut down their oil production thus sending a crisis throughout the world. High inflation and higher commodities prices like now led to protests against Marcos and he himself overspend on the election period in 1969. History judged a man. There is no such thing as exact history of poverty in the Philippines. There is a lot of factors can be the centralisation of the economy in Manila, Cebu and Subic/Clark Pampanga. Can be the distance and poor infrastructure of the Philippines? Can be the corruption that grip the country and hold it to its track?. Historians have generally been reticent in attributing any special role to natural disasters in shaping the evolution of human societies, yet there is a fundamental relationship between the history and structure of societies and its vulnerability to these events. This paper explores the relationship between environment and poverty in one such society particularly vulnerable to natural disasters, the Philippines. It argues that the extremes of wealth and power characteristic of this society are possibly the result of the frequency and magnitude of such events that exacerbate social inequalities. Specifically, the paper examines the rising incidence of natural disasters in recent decades, both globally and within the Philippines, and then assesses the effectiveness of the relief mechanisms that the latter has evolved to cope with these occurrences. Finally, the paper investigates the correlation between natural disasters and the way power and wealth are articulated in the Philippines.. As a result many Filipinos try their luck to other countries to find employment to support their families back home.?

According to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), drug mules transport heroin, shabu, cocaine or marijuana mostly to China (90%), Hong Kong (9%) and Taiwan (1%). Drugs are usually hidden in suitcases, luggage, shoes or handbags, ingested or swallowed using latex balloons and capsules, or strapped to the body. Some are even inserted to the body through minor surgical operations, or in worse cases, inserted into the female vagina. Filipino females are the preferred drug couriers because they pose lesser detection risk from authorities . PDEA reveals that the modus operandi of recruiters is to befriend potential drug mules or victims with high-paying job offers, or an offer to marry the recruit, or...
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