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Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug, Drug addiction Pages: 8 (2640 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Social Research on the Illegal use of Drugs and its Prominence among Males

This paper compares scholarly research with lay opinion on the subject of illegal drugs and why men use them more then women. A review of the research about illegal drugs and males shows that males use drugs more often and earlier then females. This is based on certain social factors like alcohol use, reckless behavior, and marijuana use. I created and distributed a short online survey to thirty people in order to obtain a general sense of lay opinion of illegal drugs and how they affect males. I found that survey showed that most people’s opinions were that males do more illegal drugs then females. This was backed up by scholarly social research. This paper is constructed to review the scholarly research of Illegal drugs and why males are affected more than females. I then took the information on that subject and compared it with the opinions of the average person. I did this by conducting a survey and recording their responses to some key survey questions. This research is important to find out why illegal drug use affects gender how it does, in order to possibly look at the causes in order to possibly come up with a solution to the problem. There is a literature review contained in this paper. This literature review is a summary of all the research conducted by scholars on the topic of illegal drug use among males. This research was conducted through Google Scholar from credited peer reviewed articles and journal entries. The survey measured the layperson’s opinion on this subject. The overall opinion showed that most respondents somewhat agreed with the statement that “Males do more illegal drugs then women” and “Males are likely to use illegal drugs at a younger age then females”. Most of the scholarly research I conducted supported these two statements which agreed with the layperson’s opinion from my survey. Overall the research points to certain factors include Age, Alcohol use, and gender causing Males to Use more illegal drugs then Females. Everybody is a drug user. Men and women alike use drugs whether there used for health reasons or illegally to get high. Gender plays a large role however, in who uses more drugs. Even though drug use among women is rising, males, overall use more illicit or illegal drugs. This might not surprising but the real question is why? Why do men use more drugs then women? This can be explained a couple different ways. The amount of prescription drugs sales around the world total about 640 billion dollars. These are drugs that help people live and maintain a healthy and normal lifestyle day in and day out. For this, everyone is thankful that drug companies are constantly researching new drugs and coming up with ways to improve life. As always though, where there is good, there is bad. Drug abuse runs rampant around the world, especially in the United States. Around 17.4% of Americans abuse illicit drugs.(Anderson) that’s around 53 million people abusing drugs. Of these 53 million people men are more likely abusing these drugs. That means out of the 53 million people, over half of them are males.(Rengert) This is a large amount of males that are abusing drugs compared to women. Why are men abusing drugs the most? Alcohol may be the first way of explaining the difference in drug use by gender. Kids throughout high schools across America are stealing liquor from their parents or having someone older buy them liquor. Kids are drinking alcohol at parties to fit in and be cool. Males Between the ages of 12 and 17 years old, 2.3% of males are drinking alcohol in heavy amounts compared to 1.9% of females at the same age. The use of alcohol at an early age can set the stage for later patterns of abuse. If males adopt a lifestyle of excessive alcohol abuse early on, then what is to say when they try something else, for example an illegal...
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