Flannery O'Conners REVELATION

Topics: Attack!, Attack, Doctor Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: September 30, 2013
In the story “Revelation” by Flannery O’Conner, Mary Grace explodes angrily at Ruby Turpin. Mrs. Turpin was being brash about what she had, what she owned, and was trying to get across to everyone which social class she was in. In the story, Mary Grace starts to become frustrated by Ruby Turpin because she’s always making a racist comment or is putting people down. Mrs. Turpin and the pleasant lady were able to connect with each other while a holding conversation amongst each other. They were commenting on each other’s ideas and were able to get along with one another. In one of the scenes, a conversation between the pleasant lady and Ruby Turpin, the pleasant lady was indirectly telling Mary Grace that she was an ungrateful child. “I think the worst thing in the world is an ungrateful person,” the pleasant lady said (499). In the part of the story, the pleasant lady was explaining to Mrs. Turpin that her daughter is ungrateful, has no matters, and does not see the southern society as a good thing. This conversation between the pleasant lady and Ruby Turpin frustrates Mary Grace to a point that she unable to hold her anger within her. She becomes angry and attacks Mrs. Turpin. Mary Grace is directly attacking Ruby Turpin because of the earlier conversation. She becomes frustrated by her mother’s comments that were indirectly pointed towards her and she is unable to say or lash out against her mother. Instead, she takes out her frustrations on Ruby Turpin. After being physically attacked by Mary Grace, Mrs. Turpin gets up and asks her why she attacked her. Mary Grace yells out that she’s an old warthog. From that point on, Ruby Turpin’s views about herself started to change. She feels like that her social “status” in society is useless when everything physically about her is viewed differently. She believes that what Mary Grace said to her through her rage, might’ve affected the way Claude viewed her as his wife. She was afraid of him seeing her as some dirty...
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