Topics: Illegal drug trade, Gang, Friendship Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Iniguez 1
Efren Iniguez
Professor Dority
English 101
21 January 2013
Description of a Friend:
Not everyone can say they have a friend especially me
In a friendship one must be able to trust your friends with your personal problems as well as your life at times. Friends should be honest and straight forward to each other. Friends should agree to disagree at times as well as understand each other’s opinions. A friend is someone who won’t walk away when trouble comes their way. Unfortunately I’ve never experienced such a friend in my life time. The type of so called friends I’ve encountered are the type who have approached me when needing a favor from me, but never regard me when I am in need of a favor. On too many occasions I have found myself trying to get out of a hole but somehow my friends are nowhere to be found. Many experiences have come my way that was evidence of showing how and why a friend was hard to come by while growing up. That is why none of the people that hang out with me can be viewed as a friend.

There once was a time when someone named Alex was considered my friend until he showed the contrary. What made me realize Alex was not a true friend happened during my teenage years in a neighborhood where growing up was a very dangerous environment. On a beautiful summer night Alex and I were drinking a few beers sitting on top of his car listening to music. Alex had to use the washroom but chose to use a nearby bush to pee that is when a van pulled up right next to the car as Alex watched from a distance. The sliding door of the van opened and two teenage gangbangers began to open fire upon me. Hitting me several times and falling onto the grass. The two teenage boys both armed with a hand gun kept shooting, so while shots continued I would roll back and forth trying to avoid every shot. After the gangbangers stopped shooting Alex was nowhere to be found. While trying to get up there was no feeling in my left leg and could not get up on...
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