Gangs in America

Topics: Gang, Crime, Illegal drug trade Pages: 1 (413 words) Published: October 29, 2013
A gang is an organized group of criminals. There are many justifications as to why people join gangs. These reasons derive from having a sense of “family”, need for money, desire for protection, tradition, peer pressure, and to be seen as cool. Joining a gang fulfills the basic human need to belong to an organization. When people join gangs due to wanting a sense of family it may be caused by not receiving enough attention at home; and that is with a negative or positive home life. Most people in gangs do not have stable parental guidance, so the gang is a form of family. The leader being the father/mother and the members being siblings. Gangs make it convenient to give support and to be the “family” they need. Gangs often make profit through illegal activities which vary from auto theft, animal fights, and selling drugs. These means of making money may attract a person whom is searching for employment and a means of survival. In many cities such as in California and Chicago where gang violence is at an all-time high volume many people use gang membership as protection. To them it is better to have to join a gang than to be seen as vulnerable and easy targets in the regions they live in. Gangs often do whatever it means to protect their people and this is exactly what some may be in search of. Several times the gang life is rooted into family tradition and values. Families with gang involvement often have had it going on for numerous generations; this makes it very hard to get out of. Peer pressure comes in forms of harassment, intimidation, begging, friendly persuasion, etc. And that is the exact kind of peer pressure that can lead people into joining a gang. Many do not have the amount of support needed to avoid peer pressure which is very crucial at a very young and vulnerable age. Manipulation is perfected by gangs to attract others to want to join. The money, cars, clothes, parties can make the gang members appear to have the dream “prefect life style”...
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