Gangs in Toronto

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 Gangs Essay

What is a good thing that pops into your head when you think of gangs? Bet you can’t think of any. Most of the time gangs are related to violence and other crime related activities. For example, there was one time where my mother and I were out for a walk with our dog around 11 at night. We were just standing there waiting for our dog to go to the washroom when a car pulled up to the side of the road and a few guys jumped out. It seemed as if they were searching for something and it took a while for what they were searching for to become obvious, but when it did we realized they were looking for a guy who we had saw just a few minutes earlier. He had run by and was hiding, crouched down, behind some bushes on the hill using the darkness as a cover. It is not clear why exactly he was hiding but from an outsiders view it is easy enough to jump to the conclusion it was gang related. We were a little scared. Gangs are a prime source of killing and the spread of drugs. They can be found anywhere, varying from alleys to abandoned warehouses or even a house someone believed was safe. Gangs are everywhere and are often involved in bad things such as murders and selling drugs.

Gangs are even in and around Toronto. They blend in to everyday situations, and some of them are hard to tell if they are even gangsters. The man sitting beside you could have just killed someone because he was interfering with his gang’s drug business or the girls sitting down the subway could be on their way home from kicking the crap out of another girl so she could be inducted into the gang. Many gangs are widely known and even have stations here in Toronto such as Hells Angels, 14KTriad, The Mickey Cobras and the Wo Shing Wo. These are gangs that have not only sold many drugs but have also hurt many people.

Killing people and selling drugs seems to be the way to be for most gangs. For the most part, gangs are the prime...
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