Global Crime Analysis

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Global Crime Analysis
Global crime threatens the safety and security of every individual located throughout the entire world. International and global crimes are not contained to one geographic area but involve a multitude of geographic locations. Drug smuggling, weapon trading, human trafficking, and actions that involve serious violence and cause physical harm are all examples of violent international crimes. Examples of non-violent international crimes include fraud, extortion, counterfeiting, money laundering, cyber crimes and a wide range of other crimes. No matter what type of crime is committed on an international level there will be a negative effect on the national and international justice system. Over the years, the international impact of global crimes have risen to record breaking levels. While globalization is a great aspect to life, international and global crime has shown that there is also a dark side to globalization. Criminal organizations have taken advantage of the always advancing technology world and have adapted intricate networks what are extremely difficult for law enforcement to track down and end. For this reason, there is an unmatched scale of international crime. According to a drug report done by the United Nations in 2012, there are between 153 and 300 million individuals who partake in illegal drug activate at least once during the previous year. Out of those individuals who use drugs, ten percent of the users are considered to be addicted and problem drug users in some way. While ten percent may seem like a small number it is actually quite big considering an alarming 100,000 individuals die each year due to illegal drug use (Wolf, 2012). The issues that are associated with the illegal drug trade are rising quickly on a global level. Global drug abuse as well as how easy it is to obtain illegal drugs is a major issues because the fact that trafficking routes are shorter and are ever changing causing shutting down the trade to...

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