Globalization and Drug Trafficking

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug cartel, Mexican Drug War Pages: 3 (828 words) Published: November 23, 2012
Cheniece Bray
Professor Hooper
ENGL 1133 P19
12 November 2012
Annotated Bibliography II

Working Title: Globalization and Drug Trafficking|
Topic Description: Nations worldwide have been facing and losing the war on drugs for some time now. Innocent citizens are affected with the negative side effects due to drug trafficking such as violence resulting in death, lack of government assistance to halt the issue, and increase of crime rates. In this paper I would like to discuss the actions that can be taken to help stop drug trafficking worldwide, starting with one of the main drug routes from Mexico to the United States and other areas globally. I believe the war on drugs can be defeated if it is attacked by the government on every level federal, state, and local. | Working Thesis: What can be imposed to stop the violence and high crime rate related to drug trafficking and also decrease the flow of drugs across borders? |

Source #1|
Stout, R. (2012). Do the United States and Mexico Really Want the Drug War To Succeed? Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine, 63(8), 34.| This article stands out to me because it addresses one of my many concerns for this topic and that would be what is the government doing in order to defeat this war on drugs? Why is it so easy for drugs to travel past borders where government militia is stationed? Stout presents an argument in this article discussing what militarized efforts are being enforced to stop Mexican cartels as it seems like there is not much being done. Prosecution of offenders is not enough because even behind bars somehow kingpins still find a way for drugs to be distributed across the border into the United States. Most drug cartels “financed the construction and operation of luxurious night clubs, gourmet restaurants, and gambling activities that attracted large numbers of U.S. residents” (Stout, 2012, p. 2) making it very easy for individuals to gain access to these illegal...
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