Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure

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A grievance is any dissatisfaction or feeling of injustice in connection with your employment situation that is brought to the attention of management.

Sometimes, individual problems and differences may be more sensitive and/or serious, and a more formal approach is necessary. The Company handles grievances in the following procedures:

1.1.1First Stage
An employee wishing to report a grievance should submit the case in writing to his or her Head of Department/Immediate Supervisor. If the case is very serious the Manager must notify the Administration immediately.

1.1.2Second Stage
The Head of Department must interview the employee and endeavor to work a mutually satisfactory solution.

1.1.3Third Stage
The Head of Department must submit a written report to the Administration, giving details of the grievance, as well as any action taken, within seven days of the date of the written grievance.

1.1.4Fourth Stage
If, at this stage, no satisfactory solution to the grievance has been achieved, the employee may seek an interview with the Administration. This interview must be conducted no later than seven days after receipt of the report of Head of the Department of the first interview. Also at this stage, copies of all documents relating to the case must be sent to the Administration.

1.1.5Fifth Stage
Should the grievance remain unresolved following the interview with the Administration, it must, within seven days, be referred to the Chairman/MD who will review the facts of the grievance and interview the parties concerned. At this stage decision of Chairman/MD is final.

Should the grievance be against the employee’s Department Head, the employee may choose to submit the written grievance directly to the Administration and Administration will have to send copy to Top Management.

1.2Disciplinary Action
Employees need to know the standards of behavior and performance which are expected by the company contained in such documents as the Code of Conduct, Job Description, and various Policies and Circulars. When employees fail to meet these established standards, it is management’s responsibility to take disciplinary action.

1.2.1Reasons for Disciplinary Action
The following acts and/or omissions shall be treated as misconduct for which Management may decide to take disciplinary action against an employee. Misconduct & Inappropriate Behavior
• Absenteeism- to be frequently late in attending office and/or to remain absent from office frequently without prior sanction of leave(unauthorized absence); • Habitual late attendance and habitual leaving early or returning late after duty outside the office; • Improper or non-abiding by the rules and regulations of the organizations; • Willfully neglecting in discharge of responsibility or insubordination; • Inappropriate behavior, undue criticizing toward seniors/colleagues/subordinates or customers; • Unauthorized use of company time or equipment for personal or third party concerns; • Taking major meal, or smoking on duty; • Use of bad language;

• Negligence of duty, or neglect of work; • Undue delay in execution of work; Performance
• Failure to meet minimum requirements of the job in output (volume or quality); • Violation of policy, regulation or custom which result in inconvenience and/or loss to the company or in customer dissatisfaction; • Lack of care and standards in performing duties which expose the company to risk or financial loss; Misconduct
• Has been guilty of misconduct;
• Habitual...
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