Hard Drugs and Soft Drugs

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Hard and Soft drugs are terms to distinguish between psychoactive drugs that are addictive and perceived as especially damaging and drugs that are believed to be non-addictive (or minimally addictive) and with less dangers associated with its use. The term "soft drug" is considered controversial by its critics because it implies that the drug causes no or insignificant harm.

Dutch law a make a clear distinction between hard drugs and soft drugs. Hard drugs are illegal and sentences run up to 12 years imprisonment, while soft drugs are illegal too, but for personal use you will not be prosecuted thus make a blind eye turned. The Dutch government believes by keeping soft drugs separate from other drugs make it possible to stop people turning to harder drugs and away from crime and addiction.

Ethical Philosophies
Even though Dutch laws intention is reasonable, it still can’t be accepted and against other countries laws. By contrast, our country Malaysia have strict laws in place for drug-related offenses, and aren't afraid to use them. In spite of such draconian measures, certain places are flush with illegal drugs. However, you should still defer to local laws when offered a chance to indulge – your status as a foreigner does not make you less likely to be punished for drug use, quite the opposite. Malaysian legislation (sale of Drugs Act 1952 revised – 1989) provides for a mandatory death penalty for convicted drug traffickers. Under Malaysia’s anti-drug laws any person found in possession of at least 15 grams of heroin, 200 grams of cannabis is presumed, unless the contrary is proven by the accused, to be trafficking in the drug. If you need to bring any drugs which have been prescribed by your doctor, you must bring evidence of the type of drug you are using. Otherwise, they will be confiscated. Drugs such as cannabis, LCD and cocaine are absolutely prohibited and Customs officers and police have the right to search for illegal drugs.

Religions Perspective
Many religions have beliefs about drug use; these vary greatly, with some traditions placing the ritual use of entheogens at the center of religious activity, while others prohibit drug use altogether. Malaysia is a multiconfessional society, with slightly more than half of its people being Muslims. The country is officially a Muslim state, and the Government actively promotes the spread of Islam in the country and its friendship with other Muslim countries. Since Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, Islam prohibits the consumption of alcohol and by extension other drugs of similar or greater strength. It also disapproves of tobacco use, although not all deem it prohibited. In some Islamic countries, alcohol is prohibited; and sometimes possession, manufacture, or trade is punished with severe penalties (e.g., corporal or capital punishment). From the Islamic point of view, the most important aspect determining the illicitness of recreational drugs is whether or not it is of any harm. "And make not your own hands contribute to your destruction." Surah, Al-Baqara, 2: 195 Drugs with the potential to lead to intoxication or other significantly altered states of consciousness (such as alcohol, Cannabis, opium and its derivatives, cocaine, psychedelics and so on) are prohibited. However, khat leaves are often chewed or consumed in some Arabic countries (particularly in Yemen). Khat contains the alkaloid called cathinone, an amphetamine-like stimulant. The Muslim nations were instrumental in banning opium, cocaine, and cannabis. Cannabis use and abuse as an intoxicant was largely unknown in the West at that point, but Islamic leaders have been critical of it since the 13th century. Most illegal drugs cause people to become intoxicated. The slang term for this experience is "getting stoned" or "getting high." When a drug user is intoxicated, they may feel strange, happy,...
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