Health Benefits of LSD and Ecstasy: Review

Topics: Medicine, Drug, Psychedelics, dissociatives and deliriants Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: July 3, 2013
Dana Kubal
Journal Article Review
Scientists Study Possible Health Benefits of LSD and Ecstasy
"The emergence of a community that passes the drugs between users on the basis of friendship, support and need – with money rarely involved – comes amid a resurgence of research into the possible therapeutic benefits of psychedelics. This is leading to a growing optimism among those using the drugs that soon they may be able to obtain medicines based on psychedelics from their doctor, rather than risk jail for taking illicit drugs." That excerpt was from the article Scientist Study Possible Health Benefits of LSD and Ecstasy by Denis Campbell. In this study Psychiatrist Dr. John Halpern, of Harvard medical school, found that almost all of 53 people who were studied on who had headaches took LSD and were relieved of the searing pain. Him and his team have also began investigating on whether 2-bromo-LSD, a non-psychedelic version of LSD, can help ease the same condition. These studies have been carried out into the UK as well. There was a testimony from a 35 year old university lecturer who takes LSD once or twice a year because she fears that without the occasional dose she will go back to her drinking problem she had 14 years ago. She said that she was drinking two or three bottles a wine three days a week but when she started taking LSD occasionally she had no desire in alcohol. Another Swiss trial was used on people in terminal condition to help cope with their anxiety with their impending death. Dr. Peter Grasser says, "If you handle LSD with care, it isn't any more dangerous than other therapies."

Past reputations make it hard for psychedelic medicines to get approved. I think that if there are more studies into the benefits of LSD and ecstasy benefits, it will pass to be a Stage II drug that will be heavily monitored. I think that people that are having anxiety with coping with their awaiting death should be able to get the drug. Any...
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