Homeboy Transformation

Topics: Gang, Illegal drug trade, Bloods Pages: 2 (976 words) Published: November 16, 2014
Homeboy Transformation’s
By Sterling Hillman
Religion 12: Block F

“Father G and the Homeboys” is truly an inspiring motion picture. It shares the efforts of Los Angeles based Jesuit priest Father Greg Boyle in helping to change the troubled lives of gangsters living in the gang filled area of Boyle Heights. There are 3 gang members in particular whose lives dramatically changed. Gabriel "Spider" Hinojos, Joey Ray Lucero and Frances Aguilar are 3 people whose lives transformed drastically from Homeboy Industries. “Spider” is one ex gang member whose life changed thanks to Father Greg. Spider is a very recognizable character due to the high amount of tattoos upon his face. A lot of these tattoos are from his past gang life. He was heavily involved with gangs growing up and it was not an easy way of life to give up! He continued to receive help from father G. Spider completely turned his life around, he worked hard and was grateful for his job. He went as far as going through many sessions of painful tattoo removal to remove the tattoos on his face. By working at Homeboy Industries, Spider has realised what he needed to do to be a better father. Spider even went to the White House with Father G! The 2nd transformation is Joey Ray Lucero. Before stepping into Homeboy Industries he was just another troubled young gang member looking to change his life. Joey came to father Greg looking for help. Father G was asked to invite some men from Homeboy Industries to an audition for the movie Gridiron Gang. Joey Reyes was picked for the movie! He even made it onto the main poster! Since landing the role he has been in various other films. From being a Gangbanger to becoming a Hollywood actor is a miracle in itself. Joey could now live his life without having to worry about drive by shootings or any other troubles that come along with the gang life. Finally, the transformation of Frances Aguilar. Just like the other 2 Frances was highly involved in the gang life when she...
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