House of the Scorpion

Topics: Crying, Emotion, Sadness Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: January 29, 2011
House of the scorpion
1. The story takes place in the fictional country of Opium. This country is located between the United States and Mexico. Opium, was established by a powerful drug lord named El Patron (which means "the boss" in Spanish). This story also takes place in the poppy fields, where Matt first lived. It also takes place in Alacarian Estate.

2. Matt- Matteo Alacarian, a clone, a very nice boy, but cries a lot.

El Patron- The real Matteo Alacarian, a powerful drug lord, a man that wants to live forever, a very evil man that wants to make clones, and kill them just so he can live longer.

Emilia- The oldest daughter of Senator Mendoza, hates Matt.

Maria- Younger daughter of Senator Mendoza, Matt’s girlfriend, was nice to Matt when nobody else was, and a very scared little girl.
Celia- The Chief cook, and somewhat of Matt’s stepmom, loves Matt very, but didn’t want him to call her mom.
Tam Lin- Bodyguard for El Patron and Matt, Matt’s Best friend, can be mean sometimes but is a very nice to Matt.

3. One of the biggest conflict that Matt has to ever come is the night that El Patron wants to kill him. El Patron calls him in to have a talk with him, and Matt is crying saying no, you don’t have to do this. Then Celia walks in telling El Patron what she did to Matt’s heart. How she poisoned it just enough to where if El Patron tried to take and use it he would die. So then El Patron didn’t take his heart and he finally died.

4. I liked this section of the story because at first I thought Matt was going to die. Then Celia walks in telling El Patron what she had done. Then I thought he was going to take his heart anyways. Then I thought, how could Matt be feeling at this point, he had to be sad for Celia doing that to him, happy cause he knew he wasn’t about to die and other mixed emotions
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