How to Stop Drug Trafficking in Our Country

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Smuggling, Heroin Pages: 3 (909 words) Published: May 21, 2011
How to Stop Drug Trafficking In Our Country
By: Gerald K. Wiley
English 122
Ashford University
Teacher: Elizabeth Hoyle
March 25, 2011

The paper is to open people eyes about drug trafficking in our country. Where do you think the drugs are coming in from? Some say from Cuba. Others say from Mexico. I believe that the majority of drugs come from Mexico. It is okay to say that we cannot track down where all of the drugs are coming from but we can try to prevent our children, the next generation, from having access to these drugs. I would like to talk about legal drugs that are in our children’s schools. Even if we can stop illegal drugs from entering into our schools, legal drugs can also be use to get high (American Psychological Association ( In the past, there were organizations, mostly in Mexico, that were involved in cultivating marijuana and opium. Over the past decade, however, Mexican drug organizations secured a particular position in drugs like cocaine market that was formerly dominated by Colombian drug lords, and opened the doors for Mexican groups to dominate the drug trafficking market. Not only Mexican, but African Americans, Cubans and other cultures who want to make some extra cash in the drug selling business. In the late 1980s, Mexican traffickers were middlemen for the Colombian cartels. Traffickers would receive shipments of cocaine in northern Mexico, smuggle the drugs across the border, and leave stashes in specified locations where Colombian distributers would retrieve the cocaine and transport it to destinations across the U.S. In 1989, traffickers who were annoyed at delinquent service payments from Colombian suppliers retained shipments of cocaine in extortion until payments were made. During the same year, in a stroke of good fortune for U.S. law enforcement, a massive stockpile of these shipments amounting to over forty thousand pounds of cocaine was discovered in an industrial warehouse in the...

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