Illegal Drug Trade and Big Al

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Smuggling, Drug Pages: 6 (689 words) Published: March 2, 2004
"The Escape"

1. In the cold dark night in the middle of know where it bagan to rain a tremendous amout. The trees

2.began sway back and forth. The storm became so strong it blew power lines down. While the heavy

4.rain continued, thunder and lighning had came about also.

5.The rain started to get heavier. It began to come down like buckets of water. While the jail cells

6.started to fill up, the locks on the jail cells came unlocked. The inmates all escaped, then acting on leaving

7.had possibly been a mistake. Knowing that is could mean trouble in the long run didn't stop them.


8.While Lucy, Andy, Henry, Lidia, and Minda were on the verge of escaping, they were all thinking

9.of how terrible it would be if they got caught leaving. As soon as the locks came unlached Lucy said

10."Let's get out of here!"

11. While all of the rest of her friends were saying,

12."I don't know if thats a good idea."

13.They all thought about staying for a few minutes, although it was a great chance to get out of jail.

14.Lucy said,

15."Come on you guys it's our only chance!"

16.Needless to say they all jumped on that chance to leave. They all started fleeing about of the cells at

17.once. Henry had yelled to Lidia,

18."Grad your hammer in your cell."

19.Lidia said,


21. Now that they have the hammer they can pound the front gate lock. After pounding for hours it

21.finally came open. Minda was the first to leave, Lucy was the second, Henry ws the third, Andy was the

22.Fourth and Lidia was the last. They were on their way to Mexico.


23.Mow that they have all made it out, they were going to flee from the country. While Minda lead

24.everybody out of the country it began to rain. As they all were klimbing upon the side of the hillside of

25.Hiland-Town, they spot some people. Lidia said,

26."Everyone get down it could be the cops!"

27.Henry replied,


29.While they contined after the people dissapered they began to get tired. Minda said,

30."We can't give up, we have to keep going."

31.Lucy replied,

32."Yes, we have to get to Mexico."

33.Looking at Henry , Lucy said,

34."So I can buy my drugs!"


35.While travling by foot for the past week, they finally arrived in Mexico. Minda stated,


37.very loudly, she was so happy. Henry said to Lucy,

38."We can buy all of our drugs now!"

39.Lucy returned that statement with a very exciting,



41.While everybody is so cought up in the exciement, Henry yells,

42."I see him, I see him!"

43.Lucy asked Henry,

44."Who, Who?"

45.Henry said,

46."Big AL, the drug dealer."

47.While being so excited Big AL noticed them all chanting and yelling full of excitement. Minda


49."Come here Big AL!"

50.Big AL walked over to them all and said,

51."What would you like?"

52.They all anwser with,

53."The best you have!"

54.So, needless to say Big AL had everything from narcotics to any hard-core drug anyone could

55.ever dream of. But, what they didn't know was taht Big AL was a undercover police officer. They were

56.about to get busted for trying to smuggle drugs.


57.While in the process of selling the drugs to the stupid teens, Big AL calls the FBI to let them know

58.he has the drug smugglers. The FBI said,

59."We wan't to arrest them when we see them in the act of taking or selling the drugs."

60.Big AL said,


62.Well they had spoke to soon, all five of them took the drugs right on the spot. All of them stuck them

63.right in their mouth's. As soon as they stuck the drugs in there mouth, Big AL called for back up from

64.the FBI. When the FBI agents sho up, Lucy, Henry, Minda, Andy, and Lidia began to run.


65.While they are on the run, the cops continue going after them for days. The chase wen't on for

66.5 days through Mexico. Going on...
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