Illegal Drug Use Prevention in The United States

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Illegal Drug Use Prevention in The United States
Elizabeth R. Vaught
Crime Prevention in America
Damon Simmons
October 27, 2013

In this paper I am investigating the effects of prolonged use of meth, what the effects will be on our bodies and why some continue to use. What are the police doing to stop this epidemic of drug abuse? What programs are they using to help cut down on the use of these drugs? I will give some historical statistics on the drug problems in our nation. I will research and investigate how the law enforcement are tackling the issues of illegal drug distribution, what programs are being used to help curtail this problem as well as how this problem is faced on the boarder and with immigration. I will touch on how disposing drugs in the trash and flushing them will cause pollution to the environment.


Thesis Statement
In this paper I want to show how the drug problems in our great nation have not gotten any better and how the government has been working to improve this situation. I am going to look into some historical data and show how the numbers have changed and how far we really need to go before we will see any type of improvement in the amount of victims to illegal drugs. As we know there are several programs out there that concentrate on the removal of unused prescription drugs, but have we put into consideration how we dispose of these medications and what they can do to the environment? I am going to look into how we are affecting our environment and even our own drinking water. This will also involve what happens to our bodies when exposed to illegal drugs for long periods of time and how it not only affects the one using but also the families and the livelihoods of those around them. Another goal I will work to achieve is to show what programs are in effect and how they work, are they successful? What has the government been doing? These are all things that I have addressed and given my sources for. Methamphetamine

The area that I want to center my time on will be the issues of methamphetamines, by issues I am referring to the medical use, and the abuse of this drug, as well as the recriminations to our family lives and the impact it has had on the nation as a whole. The abuse of this drug and all of the other classifications continue today, I will bring to light some of the more devastating effects we see in our families and social life. Methamphetamines are classified by several different types and classifications. Some of these classifications that I found in the Encyclopedia from Yahoo education website are, amphetamine (Benzedrine) , methadone (dextroamphetamine) , ice, methamphetamine (Desoxyn), ("Methamphetamines") The medical use of this drug is very limited and is always prescribed at a lower dose, and never has any refills available. Methamphetamine is classified as a Schedule II drug; this means that the government and DEA must have detailed records of the distribution of this drug at all times. Some of the common names for methamphetamine include but are not limited to, Batu, Bikers Coffee, Black Beauties, Chalk, Chicken Feed, Crank, Crystal, Glass, Go-Fast, Hiropon, Ice, Meth, Methlies Quick, Poor Man’s Cocaine, Shabu, Shards, Speed, Stove Top, Tina, Trash, Tweak, Uppers, Ventana, Vidrio, Yaba, and Yellow Bami. How does methamphetamine affect the body? When we take this drug in small but frequent amounts it can have serious results. Some of these results can include increased periods of wakefulness, hyperactivity, loss of appetite, rapid or irregular heartbeat, and even overheating. High doses can even cause your body temperature to rise to a lethal level that can cause convulsions, memory loss or even heart failureii. Some statistical information that I was able to gather on the history of abuse of this drug are as follows ("Methemphetamine:," n.d.); In 2006 - 731,000 (0.3%) of the national population reported use...

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