Illegal Drugs and Their Outcomes

Topics: Drug addiction, Heroin, Illegal drug trade Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Illegal drugs, and their outcomes
There are 2 types of drugs, medicine and the illegal ones.T he drugs we take to improve our health is good, but not too much. Thats why we have doctors to tell us how many we should take in a day.The illegal drugs, such as weed, pot and many more, are dangeruos to our health. In this Essay , I will be talking about the risk factors of illegal or prohibited drugs., also the effects of it.

In our society today,a lot of people around the world take these illegal drugs. To forget about their problem and get “high”. What are the side effects of illegal drugs? Overdose is one of the risks of drugs. It is an excessive talking of drugs, it may lead to death if untreated. Physical dependence is also one of the risk factor of drugs. What it does to you , it give you a craving for more drugs. For you to get more.Health Risks , drugs like cocaine ,ectasy, and many more. Will increase a person’s heart rate and blood pressure .Which leads to death or strokes.

Weed is a type of drug, that can be grown. People make it as cigarettes and smoke it. Its side effects are trouble of remembering things, drowsiness and many more.Cannabis is also a type of drug that is caused by cannabiniods. The effects of it has psychological, physiological , anxiety , euphoria, and many more. In conclusion, illegal drugs are very dangerous to health. So we should not take or smoke illegal drugs.
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