Illegal Drugs in Sports (Ryan Mallet)

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug, Drug addiction Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: April 14, 2013
In the sporting world no matter whether it high school, college, or professional, there is always going to be the use of illegal drugs. There are many methods preventing the use of illegal drug but still they somehow find their way into the organization of sports. Athletes just want that little extra advantage over their opponent because they want to be the best and they will do almost anything to be on top, even if that means risking everything by the use of illegal drugs. But is it really worth it to risk everything you’ve ever worked for? There are many cases and examples that tell about athletes using illegal drugs and their consequences. The recent example I’m going to discuss is the quarterback, Ryan Mallett, from Arkansas and his ill edged drug use.

A quick overview of the situation currently is that Ryan Mallett was said to have used illegal drugs and was going to be questioned about it during his interview with NFL general managers before the draft. Depending on how he answers the general managers, it could affect his round pick in the draft from the first round, to the third round. During a recent interview Mallett admitted to the use of illegal drugs and the GM that was interviewing him said that he was the first quarterback ever to admit the use of illegal drugs. Now Mallett must wait and find out to see if the general managers that he talked to liked what he said and think that he worth the gamble.

The first article that I found discusses the issues not on the field but off the field with Ryan Mallett. They say of course that Mallett is an outstanding quarterback but the NFL worries about his “extra baggage” that he has on his back right now. And also, like I said earlier, he has confessed to illegal drug use, which to my understanding it is cocaine. Cocaine is a pretty serious drug and cannot be looked past unlike minor drugs. The article also mentions that Mallett has gained the reputation of a “party boy” and that his wildness must also be...
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