Illegal Immigration

Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Illegal drug trade Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Illegal Immigration
Illegal immigration has been an ongoing problem for Americans. It refers to the entry of foreign citizens into a country without legal documents. In addition, illegal immigration is the continuous stay of a person in a foreign county with an expired visa. Illegal immigration has both pros and cons to any given country including the United States of America. The main merit of illegal immigration is boosting of the economic growth and creating diversity in the economy. On the other hand, these uninvited guests result in excessive government spending, crimes in the country, risks of terrorism, and drug trafficking across the border into the country. This essay expounds both the negative and the positive impacts of illegal immigration in America.

The United States economy has immensely increased thanks to the illegal immigration that has brought in a large labor force. The employers hire illegal immigrants who are both skilled and unskilled; thus, economic productions prosper. Many economic sectors are able to get the number of employees required for any workload due to the presence of immigrants. The living standards of the families also improve due to better salaries than what they earned in their mother countries; an excellent example is the Hispanic immigrants that are extremely underpaid in their countries but end up with better salaries in America. However, immigrants are essential for cultural diversity; therefore, the existence of immigrants in America creates a diverse group of people with different beliefs, traditions, and cultures. “America's history is built on regular infusions of new labor, skills, and thinking. Immigrants are an infusion of fresh blood. Simply accommodating ourselves to the process of arriving peoples keeps us in touch with the diversity of cultures that make up the global mosaic” (Howell 2006). Not to mention, cultural diversity in the country has a perception of being welcoming, friendly and inviting. “Economic...
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