Illicit Drug Use

Topics: Drug addiction, Illegal drug trade, Heroin Pages: 4 (1333 words) Published: December 3, 2013

Throughout the years modern culture has glamourized drug usage through popular culture such as music artist, videos, and celebrities. The media usually targets teenage to young adult because they are yet at an impressionable age. According to US Health and Human Services Department studies show by the twelfth grade, about half of adolescents have abused an illicit drug at least once. The most commonly used drug is marijuana but adolescents can find many abused substances, such as prescription medications, glues, and aerosols, in the home. According to Erickson’s stages of life during this time is when the subject tries new things and new experiences so it’s only right that this is the age group that the media glamourizes illicit drug usage to. It’s not seen as a risk but more as a way of determining the subject’s popularity rank. As young teens fall deeper and deeper into the trap of using illicit drugs the least of their concerns is their health. The immediate health may not be in danger but the long term use of illicit drugs can potentially alter your body chemistry. The toll that illicit drugs take on your body is never seen right off hand, but may become visible by middle age adult years.

To understand the severity of illicit drug usage one must know what illicit drugs are to get a full view. According to the US Health and Human Services department illicit drugs are the abuse of illegal drugs and/or the misuse of prescription medications or household substances. This being said these at first sight may not seem so harmful but by middle adult years the cognitive functioning may be altered by things that were done in your younger years. A Cohort- based Investigation shows that from March to July in 2011 authors investigated the potential correlation between illicit drug use and mid age cognitive functioning. There were 8,992 participants that were studied at age 42; they were once again surveyed at the age 50 on executive functioning, memory,...

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