immigrant children

Topics: Drug cartel, Illegal drug trade, United States Pages: 3 (652 words) Published: September 24, 2014
Virginia Suarez
Mary Moody
Business Ethics
July 28, 2014
An Innocent Dream
“The negative side of the American Dream comes when people pursue success at any cost, which in turn destroys the vision and the dream.” -Azar Nafisi
Sixty- thousand unaccompanied children, and counting, at the United States and Mexico border. Sixty-thousand dreams of a life without hunger and insecurities. The United States is being bombarded with children of different ages and parts of origin this very minute. This issue is dividing our nation and giving us the opportunity to find out what our friends and neighbors really feel about the immigrants in this country. We hear a lot about how with all of these kids receiving our help it will only create gangs, overpopulation and how the states don’t have the resources to care for all these extra mouths. But have we stopped and think that some of these kids have a parent here already in the States, in a stable home that can care for this child. A parent that has worked long hours in the fields earning .35 cents a pound of berry’s, or has to work a double shift at a McDonalds and Taco bell. We think of all the negatives in this situation and don’t consider the positive, the re-unite ment with their parents who they have a toured up picture to remember mommy and daddy by because they were too little when they left them behind with a grandparent. Not only are we reuniting families but we are also taking these children away from all the drug dealers and drug cartels that are making these innocent humans join them. The drug dealers will threaten the lives of all their loved ones, or close all the doors so they have no choice but to join their criminal activities. By keeping these children here we protect these young men and women and help preserve the little innocents they have left. We keep the virginity of the young and avoid their pure minds having nightmares about a life they had to take. If they are lucky, others will be taken from...
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