Importance of Music

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Importance of Music
Music has always been, is and will always be relevant. This element of life has affected people and will continue to affect people in amazing ways. People will always be able to relate to music no matter what. There is a song, artist or record out there for every one. Escapism is another reason why music is so important. Music will always be able to bring people together as well as in the end create happiness for everyone. Without music, humans would be deprived of a source of happiness.

There are countless amounts of music genres that exist. Every artist, song, and record has a different story. With the large amount diversity in music today, there is something out there for everybody. Many popular genres of music in America are country, pop and rock. Although there is no limit to what kind of music and the amount of music a person can enjoy, there is music out there for every individual to enjoy and relate to. A teenage girl can enjoy heavy metal music as much as a grown man can, though many people do not realize that.

The type of music a person listens to, writes, or plays is a great form of expression. Music can usually define the type of person someone is. Studies show that people who listen to rock or indie music tend to be more creative, while people who listen to pop music tend to not be creative. The type of music a person enjoys can express their emotions or feelings. Songs can make people feel several emotions from sadness to anger and happiness.

Music is one of the best and easiest ways to escape reality. Musician Bob Marley said what many people agree with: “one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Escapism can easily be defined as the means of doing activities that will distract a person from the unpleasant aspects of life. Many people doing this will often want to distract themselves from feelings of depression or sadness. People find to be distracted easily by music. Many people claim that their...
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