Improving Performance Assessment: Task 1

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug, Olympic Games Pages: 4 (2051 words) Published: October 4, 2015
Discuss whether performance enhancing drug use in sport is for personal success or because sport is “Big Business’ For some athletes, the risk of losing or even being less than the best is worse than the many consequences of doping in professional sports, and for decades, performance enhancing drug controversies have made headlines around the world. Drug use over the years in the sporting world has become a worldwide phenomenon due to the advancement in technology which has allowed for greater research and development of performance enhancing drugs. While drugs are generally categorized as detrimental to an individual’s health and social status, many athletes still choose to embark on experimenting with the opposing concept of drug use, in that it will supposedly benefit them in one way or another. Thus it has become a matter of issue to discuss whether performance enhancing drug use in sport is for either personal success or because sport is considered to be ‘Big Business’. I believe that while many athletes willingly take performance enhancing drugs for the concept of money, fame and recognition under the heading of ‘Big Business’, they first must have a desire to win and or ‘fit in’ for the benefit of personal success. Predominantly, it is in an elite athlete’s best of intentions to want to be the best and to strive and commit themselves in order to achieve this optimal position. It is in their best interest to train to win with or without the influence of performance enhancing drugs. It has become increasingly common for an elite athlete to willingly decide to take such drugs to physically and psychologically aid in boosting their performance for personal success in the drive to win and to be at the top of their chosen sport. Due to an unavailability of access for all elite athletes worldwide, mainly in developing countries with limited technology available and knowledge of the harmful effects of performance enhancing drugs, they have been banned for use by...
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