Investigative Task Force

Topics: Gang, Crime, Left-wing politics Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: November 28, 2010
The investigative task force is two or more law enforcement agencies that become formally joined in order to address and combat certain crimes. Some task forces may concentrate mainly on street gangs and drugs as to another task force may focus on vehicle and home burglaries. If there is a city that has a growing murder rate, then that city might establish a task force to focus on this problem. Generally agencies will divide certain jurisdictions in order for each agency to have specific responsibilities for portions of a criminal activity. These agencies will assist each other if the need arises. And each member has similar arrest powers and the same level of security clearances. All of the task forces within the same region will share their resources; manpower, skills and legal authority combat and resolve specific crimes. Three types of undercover operations would be limited contact undercover, semi-deep undercover and deep cover operations. An example of limited contact undercover would be making a onetime drug buy from a drug dealer on the street at anytime. An example of semi-deep undercover would be the undercover meets with a contact several times so that the contact knows that the undercover has knowledge of drugs and that the undercover knows what they want and how much they want. The undercover has to meet with a specific contact set by their department and the undercover will use a typical vehicle in order not to stand out. The undercover may actually being trying to take out a drug or gang leader, so they have to know and look the role. And in order to help the undercover have a little more of an advantage, the undercover will have at least one informant to inform the undercover when and where things or going to be taking place. An example of deep undercover operations would be where the undercover actually has to join a gang and follow all of the gang related activities and crimes in order to get close enough to the leader of the gang...
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