Jesse Pinkman Character Analysis

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Heroin, Clandestine chemistry Pages: 3 (1204 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Humanities 103
October 20th , 2012
Character Analysis
The character that I chose to analyze is Jesse Pinkman from the show Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is considered to be one of the best shows of all times. The show alone won about 14 different awards and has been nominated for a variety of different categories and awards. Not to mention all the awards and nominations its actors, and director has received. The show has outstanding acting and quality production value.

Breaking Bad is a story about a chemistry teacher Walter White who gets lung cancer and breaks bad to make money for his family before he passes away. He decides start making and distributing methamphetamine after having seen the amount of money it is able to bring in. Walter encounters Jesse while on a ride along with his brother-in-law who works as DEA agent, and that is when he gets idea to work with him. Jesse is Walter’s former student who is already involved in the drug scene, they start off together as a team when Walter makes a deal with Jesse not to turn him to the DEA, after having recognized him at the scene of a meth lab running away. The show takes them deeper into the hands of drug cartel as it goes on, and they go through a lot of absurd situations together.

Jesse is a 25 year old man who is long estranged with his family . At a first glance you know nothing about Jesse besides the fact that he is what society would classify him as a low life. His occupation in the beginning is a meth cook, running a lab in a small house in house like conditions with his elementary school friend. As unappealing as his life might look to a viewer he is a very likable character, even in the beginning. We might conclude that Jesse is a high school drop out who has no further education is not very motivated to change anything about that. As a viever I did not see Jesse as one of the main characters for a long time in the first season. His role seemed to be somewhat unimportant in a way....
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