Keep It Illegal

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Keep it Illegal
Weed, grass, ganja, cannabis, are some of the most common slang terms used to describe marijuana. Marijuana is the most common and used drug throughout the world and is believed to do more harm than good. The physical and mental trauma you put your body through when smoking marijuana, effects not just the brain, but can affect your entire body. Marijuana was used in a religious environment throughout Africa, Asia and Europe, or also known as the Old World. Some religious groups did not necessarily smoke cannabis, but they used cannabis for other purposes such as, baptisms, anointing oils, and other religious needs. Although there are some religious cultures that used cannabis as a tool for spiritual exploration (Grinspoon 120). The legalization of marijuana in the United States would create a negative impact on society as a whole, as well as, the quality of life of our citizens. The society we live in today would change tragically in a turn for the worst. The quality of people would degrade and humanity as we know it would change for the worse. The chemicals within marijuana are not deadly, but can cause serious health issues, both long-term and short-term problems. Marijuana is illegal substance (drug) that is most commonly used in the US, and can be detected by drug testing (National Institute on Drug Abuse 1). Marijuana is a substance that contains chemicals, if smoked, alters your state of mind and people become “high”. The ingredient within marijuana that causes people to become “high” is THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana (National Institute on Drug Abuse 1). There are many forms to smoke marijuana and one of the most common one is hand-rolled cigarettes or could also be called joints. Other forms that marijuana is smoked are through use of a pipe or water pipe, which is called a bong. In some cases, marijuana has been used in the cooking process by cooking marijuana with butter then using that to bake brownies or other sorts of foods. When we think about the history of marijuana, one is usually stumped and could not tell anyone when and how cannabis arrived on today’s earth. When we look at the history of marijuana, we see that it first came about around 2737 B.C. and was described as a “Chinese medical compendium”. After birth in China, it is believed that it traveled to India, then to North Africa and then arrived in Europe as early as A.D 500 (Zimmer 49). Throughout the process of life, we are told how we should live and what not to do at a young age. When children are in middle school, they are introduced into a program called D.A.R.E. (Drug Awareness Resistance Awareness) which tries to prevent children from the use of drugs. When we look at the stats from 2001, we can see by grade 10, “forty percent of students had tried marijuana, and twenty percent were current users” (Drug Abuse 1). Many of these children are educated about the consequences- health and legally- in middle school but still 40 percent of these children end up trying marijuana by grade 10. Obviously the statistics show that marijuana is commonly tried by almost half of today’s society, so then why is it still illegal people may ask. Even though we are taught the negative consequences of marijuana, children are peer pressured by other students to, “just try it” and if you do not, you are not socially accepted by other students. A lot of people consider marijuana to be a “good” drug and believe that the there are little to no side effects if smoked. Also, many people believe trying marijuana at some point of adolescence is an acceptable norm of growing up. Teenagers do not know of the serious risks that they are taking with their bodies when intoxicating themselves with those chemicals. Marijuana affects the human body in several different aspects and causes people to become enlightened and intrigued with their surroundings. One side effect that can be directly associated with...

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