Language Analysis - Marijuana Legalisation in Australia

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug, Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs Pages: 2 (796 words) Published: May 11, 2014
“Legalising marijuana would have huge benefits for the Australian economy, while cutting criminals out of the drug supply” Paul Syvret, in his opinion piece (The Courier-Mail, January 11, 2014) believes that Australia's laws prohibiting marijuana are inadequate as it is encouraging an illegal drug trade and makes little economic sense. He exacerbates the concern through various techniques, associating inordinate dangers with the prohibition of the drug, urging the government to legalise the drug; before the situation becomes irrepressible. The tone established by Syvret is reasonable and educational, as he relies on the experiences from the US and Mexico to demonstrate Australia’s need to change. Substantiating the contention with a barrage of statistics, Syvret adds legitimacy to the position of legalising the drug. Through opening the issue with the “war on drugs” in America costing “$46.05 billion a year in terms of enforcement,” he directly exposes the extent to which this issue affects their economy, compelling the reader to see the consequences of the prohibition as fact, rather than personal opinion. This idea is further reinforced through the “wage bloody war” experienced across the border of Mexico, as costs are almost eight times more than that of America’s with estimation close to $375 billion a year, implying that the risks accompanied with the prohibition of marijuana is a widespread issue, and that therefore, it is something Australia must be careful about. Syvret strengthens this idea through a current review of Australia’s cost of enforcement estimating “as high as $4.7 billion a year,” creating a sense of uneasiness of the exorbitant costs this drug places on Australia and its economy. Additionally, the excessive statistical evidence used by the writer emphasises that the issue is extensive, encouraging the Australian public that the current position of prohibiting marijuana is insufficient and must be changed. The perceptions of the reader are...
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