Legal Cannabis

Topics: Netherlands, Psychoactive drug, Illegal drug trade Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: October 26, 2010

Why should marijuana be legal in the Netherlands?

My essay is about soft drugs such as marijuana should not be illegal but well legal and controlled by the government. I always thought that marijuana was always legal in the Netherland until I read an article in the newspaper. I was surprise to have read that, because majorities of people here in the Netherlands are not troubled by the fact those soft drugs are sold in coffee shops. That is one of the reasons why I chose this topic for my essay. In this essay I will argument the following: * If Marijuana is legalized then they will be less illegal distribution * Coffee shops are allowed legally to sell, but buying wholesale of soft drugs is illegal. This prevents criminal activities. * By legalizing soft drugs the usage could be controlled

Soft drugs are officially illegal in The Netherlands. But politics and the governments they don’t bother themselves too much with it. And that makes it seems like soft drugs, such as marijuana is legal in The Netherland. That is called tolerance. But it is still a problem how the government deals with this. Coffee shops are legally allowed to sell, but buying the soft drugs is illegal. But on a regular basis there is always a cannabis plantation popping up somewhere. Coffee shops are limited on the quantity that they are allowed to buy that makes it that the rest of soft drugs are shipped out of the country and sold for a high price. That makes The Netherland at the head of the list as number one in drug trafficking what concerns cannabis. Then criminals earn lots of money in this illegal trade of cannabis. If selling, trading or exporting could be legal then the chances of criminal activities will be less. If the soft drugs where to be soled legal in The Netherland then there is less chances that illegal trading will be happening on the street, station, and schools. This sort of illegal behavior can jeopardize the drug tourism, most Germen tourist come...
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